By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Women in Philadelphia and the suburbs are a much-sought-after voting bloc in this election, so no wonder the Clinton campaign sent two top surrogates to the area on Sunday. Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Anne Holton, Tim Kaine’s wife, visited the Community College of Philadelphia, focused on female voter turnout.

“Hello Philly, it’s great to be home,” Biden said.

In a room of a few dozen people, Montgomery County native Jill Biden took the stage to push women to vote for the Democratic ticket.

“Now is the time to elect more women to every level of public service,” she said.

Anne Holton hopes to take her place in Washington, D.C., she spoke about education and economic issues.

“60 plus percent of minimum wage workers are women, many of them with children. Many trying to get by pay check to pay check.”

Holton said her husband has always supported women.

“He’s a good feminist, and ready to be in the number two role, and have her back.”

Fishtown resident Carol said the message appealed to her.

“I thought they were well spoken, and dedicated and a little inspiring which I thought was good.”

The pair set out to Chester County following the event, to speak with suburban supporters.