By Jim Melwert

by Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Disgraced Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane learns her fate Monday in Norristown. The 50-year-old will be sentenced on a handful of charges – including two felony counts of perjury.

Kathleen Kane’s attorney says the former attorney general feels deep regret for violating the trust of the citizens of Pennsylvania.

In her sentencing memorandum, her attorney says Kane has already been punished, as she’s resigned as attorney general, and she faces disbarment as a convicted felon. It goes on to say she has been humbled and embarrassed and now wants to focus on raising her two teenaged sons.

Her attorney says traditional incarceration is not necessary as Kane is not a threat to society, nor is she a threat to re-offend.

But prosecutors are asking for prison-time, pointing to the man whose life, they say, Kane effectively ruined.

Kane was convicted of leaking information from a grand jury investigation into J. Wyatt Mondesire, the former head of the Philadelphia NAACP.

Mondesire was never charged as part of that investigation. Prosecutors say, after the article based on Kane’s leak was published, Mondesire lost his job and other positions, his health declined and he died a year and a half later.

They add all residents of Pennsylvania are affected, as Kane eroded faith in the office of the attorney general. Prosecutors are asking for prison-time for each count, and they ask Kane be given consecutive sentences.