By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Wireless giant AT&T is looking to aquire Time Warner. But what does the $85 billion dollar, blockbuster deal mean for consumers?

AT&T, in grabbing Time Warner, would have access to content – a lot of it. CNN, HBO, Warner Brothers Studio are just a few examples.

And Dr. Munir Mandviwalla with Temple University’s Fox School of Business says with millennials mostly consuming content in the palms of their hands – such a deal is no surprise – and his eyes are on how this moves wireless and tech forward.

“It could be pretty interesting if AT&T uses this as a way to innovate the delivery and consumption of content,” Mandviwalla said. “The fashion today seems to be having exclusive access to content as the way to go.”

And when it comes to innovation, Mandviwalla says this marriage is of two companies that need to play catch up.

“The more interesting things in wireless are coming from companies like Google or even Microsoft – with their new Home product, or Amazon, he said. “It goes back to the idea that these companies are no longer the source of innovation. So I guess they think the only way they can compete is through size and market control.”

Mandviwalla questions the level of innovation that can come out of the deal – especially in the beginning when the kinks are being worked out.