By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Futures has released the 27th edition of its “Step Up to College” guide, which provides high school students everything they need to prepare for college.

“The college admissions process can sometimes be overwhelming for families,” says Joan Mazzotti — executive director of Philadelphia Futures, a non-profit that provides first generation-to-college students the resources they need to be successful in college.

She says the new 68 page guide walks families through every step of the process for applying to college:

“Everything from what students should be doing in ninth and 10th grade to prepare for college to what seniors should be doing to select the college that is the best fit for them.”

This year, she says the guide also has an interactive mobile app:

“There’s an amazing college cost calculator, where students can compare costs of different colleges; also through his app, students can register for the SATs.”

The app will be available for download in November from the iPhone App Store and Google Play. Visit for further details about the Step Up to College Guide and mobile app.