By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The popularity of selfies has a growing number of people focusing on their double chins and turning to a new procedure to look better.

Many people who take selfies say they don’t like how their chins look. Now increasingly they’re turning to a newly approved cosmetic procedure that can melt fat under the chin. Michelle Couture says she has a little fat pocket under her chin that’s a big problem for her. “I can’t stick a dumbbell under there and do exercises,” Michelle jokes. And she says she can’t stop seeing it thanks to social media.

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“Pretty much in every photo, I notice it if I’m not strategically holding my chin out,” Michelle explains.

The 35-year-old mom dropped her pregnancy weight, but the area under her chin stuck. She thought she’d have to deal with it forever until she heard about Kybella.

“So why not if I can melt it away and it’ll be gone within a couple weeks,” Michelle said.

Dermatologist Linda Flynn says, “it kills fat cells permanently which is pretty cool. It destroys them.”

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She says it’s also safe and because of social media, she’s treating more patients, including herself. “Before I do it on my patients, I like to have it done on me, so I always do that. But also it’s nice when I do look at my profile I like it a lot better,” Dr. Flynn explains.

The injections of bile acid takes less than five minutes. Michelle says it got a little uncomfortable. Dr. Flynn says, “once we destroy your fat cells, where we put the medicine, you don’t have to re-do it again. Once we’re done, we’re done.”

It will take eight weeks before Michelle sees her results. Doctors say Kybella doesn’t work for people who have a lot of hanging loose skin. The injections cost anywhere from $600 to $5,000.

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Stephanie Stahl