PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The internet has made a lot of things easier to tackle, and now filing for divorce could join the list.

More courts are opening up the concept of serving divorce papers digitally, using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s an idea not everyone is ready for, but one attorney says the digital divorce is the wave of the future.

Peter Walzer says, “That’s how people are communicating now. That’s what they want. So to say we can’t use this as a method of service is disingenuous.”

Others argue that divorce is too personal to be done over the internet.

“Social media is just an outlet, it’s not real life.”

A New York woman was the first women to legally file for divorce using Facebook in 2015.

Court records show her husband refused to meet with her and a private investigators could not find him, so a judge let her message her husband with digital divorce documents.