By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Veronica Harwood was just simply tailgating an Eagles game, something she does a few times per year. But things were about to change for the 25-year-old Eagles fan from Cape May County, New Jersey.

The Eagles tailgate photo Harwood — a 2016 Miss New Jersey semifinalist — posted on Instagram last fall got the attention of some important people, changing her life.


“The casting people that they hired saw a picture of me at the Eagles game, a picture of me and my friend, and they commented on it saying, ‘Hey we want to cast you for this show,'” Harwood told “One thing led to another and they ended up flying me out to L.A. to meet the producers and do another interview. And then eventually I found out, I made the cut.”

The show is Catching Kelce on E!, where Harwood and 49 other girls would compete for the heart of 6’5, 260-pound Kansas City Chiefs 27-year-old Pro Bowl tight end Travis Kelce.

Episode No. 3 aired on Wednesday night and Harwood is now one of just nine girls remaining on the show, with four episodes to go. Travis’s brother, and Eagles center Jason Kelce, appeared on the first episode of the show and admitted he was pushing for Harwood.

“Yes, I am consultant,” Jason told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on October 7th after the first episode. “I was pushing the home state’s hard — Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey because she was an Eagles fan.”


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Harwood says, while it was tough at first, she remained true to herself.

“I felt like I was out of character the first few days,” Harwood said on Thursday. “But then I kind of grounded myself and got back to who I was and wasn’t going to be a part of the cattiness. I definitely was myself to a tee.

“It was really hard at first, being in a house with 20 girls and we’re chasing after the same man. [Travis] is a really great guy, I don’t think he like ever wanted to hurt anyone and be the bad guy, but he was put in a situation where not all the girls are going to be happy with the final decision.”


Harwood says her reality TV experience in Los Angeles inspired her to take more chances in life.

“Overall I felt great, especially coming from such a small town I really open my eyes and it may me feel live being out here,” Harwood said. “Seeing that there was so much more life out there, so it definitely gave me that encouragement to move and do what I need to do in life. You can’t be afraid to take chances.”