3pm – Third presidential debate 2016: Five things to watch for

3:20pm – Two Democratic operatives lose jobs after James O’Keefe sting

3:50 –Kasich: Rigged election claims are like saying we never landed on the moon

4pm – Rich spoke with National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy regarding the FBI and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

4:20pm – The Italian State Dinner, in photos

4:30pm – Amy Schumer Shares an Open Letter to the Trump Supporters Who Walked Out of Her Show

4:40pm – Clinton Campaign Found ‘Huge’ Gender Pay Gap At Clinton Foundation

5pm – Trump: “Naive” To Say Election Can’t Be Rigged, “Two Million Dead People Are Registered To Vote”

5:10pm – Why Trump Could Still Pull Off a Surprise

5:20pm –  Hillary Clinton Silo Ad

5:35pm – The 18 best Super Bowl-style prop bets for the final Presidential Debate

5:50pm – How Many Millennials Think Bush Killed More Than Stalin