By Cleve Bryan

DENNIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — Tammy Tozer from Dennis Township is seeing the world through another person’s eyes, or rather their photos.

She isn’t up to mischief. She’s figuring out who owns a memory card her husband Chris spotted last weekend in the middle of traffic near the 9-11 memorial in New York City.

“There was a whole bunch of traffic coming so I picked up the SD card and put it in my pocket and I just told him I was going to wait until we got home to see what was on the card,” says Tozer.

The card has almost 2,000 photos which were mostly taken in Europe.

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Some pictures capture sights, others special moments and collectively they are clues to about where the mystery owner has been, and the people he or she knows.

“These are the ones that I thought they had to have known the person because they are quite intimate pictures,” says Tozer pointing to several wedding photos. Tozer posted the wedding photos on Facebook Sunday night in hopes someone might recognize the bride and groom.

Hundreds of people have shared her post.

Three days later, still no card owner.

Tozer gets dialysis seven days a week because she is in full kidney failure and has been on a transplant list for 5 years. She’s hoping that by going out of her way to help someone else, it will somehow result in her own good fortune.

“I want to return this to the rightful owner because they are family memories and I know what my memories mean to me,” says Tozer.