HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — A spokesman says Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf will veto a bill on the way to his desk that contains a package of reforms of the Delaware River Port Authority.

The bill passed by the Senate and sent to Governor Wolf Tuesday contains a number of provisions, many of them intended to improve transparency in DRPA actions. But the bill has run afoul of the governor over a provision requiring that his six appointees be confirmed by a majority of the Senate.

“It’s just an attempt by them to erode the executive authority of the governor,” said spokesman Jeff Sheridan.

Suburban Philadelphia Republican Senator Rafferty sponsored the bill. He says there’s no reason that DRPA appointees should not be subject to Senate approval, as many other appointees are.

“This governor, who ran on transparency and who ran on openness and ran on changing Harrisburg, is just throwing it the face,” Rafferty said, “he’s being a hypocrite, he’s throwing it in the face of the public.”

Wolf’s spokesman, meanwhile, says the governor would sign the bill if the Senate confirmation provision were removed.