PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Cable news host Bill O’Reilly spoke with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about his latest book, Killing The Rising Sun, about defeating Japan in World War II and the decision to use atomic weapons.

O’Reilly said he doubts President Obama would have made the same choice as Harry Truman.

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“I think Jimmy Carter and President Bush, the elder, they wrote me letters about the atom bomb. I asked all five living Presidents, would you have dropped the atom bomb as Truman did? Three replied, Bush the elder, Bush junior and Jimmy Carter. They all said they would for various reasons and we printed their letters in the book. President Obama didn’t reply because I do no think he would have dropped the bomb. That’s speculation but Eisenhower didn’t want to drop it. I think Obama would’ve taken Eisenhower’s posture. Bill Clinton didn’t answer because his wife’s, obviously, running for President and didn’t want some controversy. Clinton would’ve dropped it.”

He believes he’s done a good job of presenting all the options on the table at the time and explaining that to readers.

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“As we got in to the book, we basically put forth both sides and it was an experience that I learned when [co-author] Martin Dugard flips me the research, I’m like you. I’m going, whoa, look at that. Shape it, then you write it in a way that’s very easy to read and you that’s how these books are successful. Each one of them has sold about two million copies. This is the sixth ‘Killing’ book.”

Regarding this year’s election, O’Reilly stated he looks forward to its conclusion.

“I just can’t wait until this thing is over. I don’t think it’s good for the country. I think voters have had enough. I think it will be a low turnout. It’s just the worst campaign I’ve ever covered. People are voting against, rather than for..there’s really little good about this thing.”


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