3pm- The Pennsylvania House has approved a bill that would punish local government, including Philadelphia, that classifies themselves as sanctuary cities. The bill will now head to the state Senate.

3:10pm- The state of Indiana is currently investigating potential instances of voter fraud after the discovery of thousands of altered voter registrations. 

3:30pm- Donald Trump continues to insist that the Presidential Election could be rigged against him.

4pm- During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Melania Trump says her husband was being egged on during leaked 2005 tape with Billy Bush.

4:30pm- Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell joins the show to discuss tomorrow nights final presidential debate and what types of strategies each candidate might implement.

4:45pm- The Trenton School District is set to pay out $1.7 million in unused vacation days to school administrators. 

5pm- Donald Trump has pledged to fight for a Constitutional Amendment that would create term limits on Congress.

5:30pm- President Obama suggests that Donald Trump should quit whining about a rigged election.