HARRISBURG (CBS) — The State House could vote as soon as Wednesday on a compromise bill that would put Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing services back in business in the city of Philadelphia, and authorize their operations permanently in other parts of the state.

Authorization for ride share services expired in Philadelphia at the end of September and temporary authorization will expire for Uber and Lyft early next year in other areas of Pennsylvania. On Tuesday in the state House, Delaware County Republican Nick Miccarelli urged members to vote for a comprehensive, compromise amendment to provide permanent statewide authorization for ride share services, also known as TNC’s – Transportation Network Companies.

“The industry – both the TNCs and the taxi industry as a whole — has weighed in in favor of this amendment, which is something I never thought I’d be here saying.”

The bill, as currently amended, will also extend an assessment of 1.4 percent paid by ride share services in Philadelphia, two thirds of which goes to the city schools. The bill must get a final vote in the House before going back to the Senate.

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