By Tim Jimenez

COLLINGDALE, Pa. (CBS) — “Right Place, Right Time” is what police in Delaware County are saying after a search for a potential shoplifting suspect leads to the discovery of a meth lab.

Pennsylvania State Police drug investigators responded to a duplex on Macdade Boulevard near Oak Lane.

Inside, officials say, authorities found a meth lab.

Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams says around 1:30 in the morning an officer in the nearby CVS, getting an anniversary card for his wife, was told a man was in there acting suspiciously.

Adams says the man ran off and officers would find him in the apartment.

“While they were in the house they started seeing things around in the one room raising concern about a possibility some kind of lab was in the works.”

The two men and a woman living in the apartment, were taken away for questioning.

They have been identified as Christine Andress-Nye, Michael Papale and Timothy Fauls.

(credit: Collingdale PD)

Christine Andress-Nye (credit: Collingdale PD)

(credit: Collingdale PD)

Michael Papale (credit: Collingdale PD)


Timothy Fauls (credit: Collingdale PD)

Authorities say they were detained and will be charged with possession with the intent and related charges, reckless endangerment, criminal conspiracy, risking and causing a catastrophe.

Police say operation was small, but still dangerous. The couple living on the second floor was asked to leave the premises for a period of time.