Best Bagger “Best Bagger” Award Winner Works In NE Philadelphia – CBS Philly
By David Madden

by KYW’s David Madden

BURLINGTON, NJ (CBS) — A Burlington supermarket played host to 19 checkout workers from the northeast US in a search for the best bagger.

Turns out, he’s a Philly guy.

19 Shop Rites from as far away as Connecticut took part in the competition. They were judged not just on speed but technique, style and attitude.

The winner, Alex Gizinski, who works in the Morrell Park Shopping Center in the northeast.

Photo credit: KYW's David Madden.

Photo credit: KYW’s David Madden.

His keys to the game…so to speak? “You just have to build the bag the right way,” Gizinski told KYW Newsradio. “You don’t want to make each bag too heavy so you have to distribute the weight. And you want to put your crushable stuff on top.”

Alex took home a trophy, a smart TV and a trip for 2 to Vegas in February, to take part in the nationals. That’s right. This is a national competition where all the major food chains will go head to head, and the best bagger there wins 10 grand.

Alex says he’s just grateful to win the trip.