3pm- The FBI has denied that there was any offer of “quid pro quo” between itself and the State Department in relation to it’s handling of potentially classified emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

3:20pm- Is the 2016 Election responsible for ruining relationships between family and friends?

3:45pm- Donald Trump continues to express his belief that the presidential election is being rigged against him.

4pm- While preforming standup comedy in Florida, Amy Schumer decided to get political, causing hundreds of audience members to storm out in disgust.

5pm- Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent, James Rosen, calls in to discuss a new book that he is editor of, “A Torch Kept Lit by William F. Buckley, Jr.”

5:20pm- Hillary Clinton says that the Connecticut Superior Court decision preventing crime victims from suing gun manufacturers is incomprehensible.

5:40pm- Howard Stern says that it would be a betrayal to replay old Trump interviews on his radio show.