By Cleve Bryan

HAMILTON TWP., N.J. (CBS) — A Mays Landing woman who lost control of her car and ended up underneath it Sunday is expected to live thanks to the help of an impromptu band of heroes.

Police say seven Good Samaritans helped lift the 48-year-old woman’s car off of her after she hit a tree and was ejected along Weymouth Road.

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“We all just went into action tried to get it off of her,” says Marie Gallagher from Hammonton who says she arrived first at the scene with her husband Harry.

“Other people started coming and we all kind of like lifted it and then two other people just kind of slid her out from underneath,” says Gallagher.

Police say the other people who lifted the car are Nereida Santos, Michael Braunius, Mignalys Vidal, Savannah Asencio, and Jason Sabol.

“At first it was kind of a scramble cause no one really knew what to do but it all just kind of fell into place and we started working together honestly,” says 19-year-old Michael Braunius who was driving home from his job cutting sod in at Tuckahoe Turf Farms.

“When I let go of the car I was shaking,” says Mignalys Vidal, a hair stylist and mother of 3 who says she tried to mimic a weight lifter’s squat while lifting up the car.

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Hamilton Township police said Monday afternoon that the woman was in critical condition with several broken bones but she is expected to live.