By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (CBS) — Early voting is already taking place in a number of states, but it’s not in the cards for Pennsylvania any time soon.

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Advocates for early voting say, among other things, that it is a needed update to our election system to reflect the notion that Americans’ lives have become more complex. But Steve Miskin, spokesman for the Republican leader of the GOP-controlled state House, says there are many revelations and developments prior to election day that can sway the outcome of a race.

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“It’s all not done before October. It’s all not done even before November. There’s always something that comes out a little bit later. You have a set date for election to allow the candidates, the media and the people to fully vet the candidates.”

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Miskin says absentee ballot procedures currently allow for people to vote if they cannot get to the polls on election day and that legislation to allow for early voting in Pennsylvania is not on the radar screen of House GOP leaders.