By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — So the Philadelphia Inquirer has endorsed Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate in her race against Senator Pat Toomey. Their editorial makes it seem as if it wasn’t even close. They accuse Toomey of being a product of “the radical right.” What happened to the praise they heaped on Toomey when he got involved in leading a gun control initiative they liked?

I remember the phone call at home from Senator Toomey on the night before he officially proposed the new gun rules. I told him that I thought the core of Talk Radio 1210 listeners would oppose him on this and it would create possible long-term issues. I was right.

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The editorial was also what I would have predicted. They even attack Toomey’s position on Donald Trump who they label “an admitted serial molester.” When did Trump admit to that?

This editorial by contrast doesn’t see any need to call upon McGinty to criticize Hillary Clinton. They are not concerned that she has rejected Toomey’s call for five debates. They will do two debates and Toomey will mop the floor up with her.

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Let me remind you what I know about Pat Toomey. Toomey is among the smartest, most thoughtful public officials that I’ve ever worked with. He is a limited government conservative who was not afraid to face down President Obama when he threatened to shut down the government.

We need Pat Toomey in the Senate because of who he is but also maintaining his seat is a key to keeping control of the Senate.

So you may not like Toomey’s gun control bill or his stance on Donald Trump — but it’s time to deal with reality.

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I’ve been invited to attend the Toomey/McGinty debate on October 24th at Temple University. I’ll be ringside, and if it were a fight, I predict it wouldn’t go a round.