3pm – Donald Trump, Slipping in Polls, Warns of ‘Stolen Election’

3:05pm – RNC TV ad spending for Trump: $0

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3:20pm – What Hillary Clinton’s tax plan would really do to the economy

4pm – 2 Clinton Campaign Videos Dropped on Twitter are So Hot, James O’Keefe was Suspended Soon After Posting Them

4:20pm – Philly’s Geno’s Steaks removes ‘Speak English’ sign

4:30pm – Rich spoke with Andrew T. Miltenberg  managing member of the litigation practice at Nesenoff Miltenberg Goddard Laskowitz, LLP regarding his defense against men accused of campus rape.

4:50pm – Snoop Dogg Invites Ken Bone To ‘Come To The Crib And Smoke 1’

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4:55pm – New Jersey judge issues criminal summons against Chris Christie over Bridgegate

5pm – Donald Trump Calls Allegations by Women ‘False Smears’

5:25pm – Today in Clinton Campaign Millennial Outreach: ‘Cat GIFs’ and ‘Lil Kaine’

5:50pm – Archbishop of Philadelphia Slams ‘Anti-Catholic Emails’

5:55pm – NYC may ban flushable wet wipes – Story


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