By Molly Daly

NORTH PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An anonymous gun buyback will be held Saturday at the Simons Recreation Center in West Oak Lane.

The buyback at Simons Recreation Center on Woolston Avenue starts at 10:00 Saturday morning, and runs till 2:00 P.M. Philadelphia Police Inspector Anthony Washington said it’ll all be done on the QT.

“We ask for citizens to turn in any guns that they’re not using, of course, or that are just sitting there in the house, in an anonymous manner — we don’t ask them any names, or addresses, or anything of that nature — and we, in turn, give them a gift card.”

A $50 dollar gift card for a handgun, and one worth $100 for a long gun. In addition to the buyback, officials will be giving out free gun locks.

“Because we’ve also experienced people that have legally owned guns, and the wrong people, or children, get their hands on it, and they don’t have a gun lock, and thus they end up shooting and killing themselves, or other people.”

Washington said the buyback and the distribution of gun locks are part of the city’s ongoing commitment to reducing gun violence.