3pm – 3 hurt, 1 dead after fiery plane crash in front of Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford

3:20pm – Advice to the Trump campaign

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4pm – Trump’s ‘Special Prosecutor’

4:20pm – Rich spoke with Ashley McGuire, the Senior Fellow of The Catholic Association, regarding Hillary Clinton’s campaign mocking the Catholic faith.

4:30pm – This ‘Jaws’ Analogy Did Not End Well For Mike Huckabee

5pm – Bill Clinton: Trump’s ‘Standard Redneck’ Base Is What I Grew Up In

5:05pm – Nancy Grace Gets Mad, Walks Out After Radio Hosts Accuse Her of ‘Capitalizing’ on Dead Kids

5:10pm – Nancy Grace Storms Out of Interview, Tells The View She ‘Almost Started Crying’

5:12pm – Blue Jays announcer won’t use the Cleveland Indians nickname during ALCS

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5:20pm – Rich spoke with Assemblyman John Burzichelli regarding gas tax relief in New Jersey.

5:40pm – Billy Bush’s Fate Remains Unclear, Network Execs Exploring All Aspects of Situation

5:43pm – ‘Law & Order: SVU’ to air a Donald Trump-themed episode titled ‘Unstoppable’

5:50pm – James Rosen: WikiLeaks Reveals Evidence DNC/CNN Collusion

5:50pm –  ‘Man Tax’ – The shop where men pay 7% more




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