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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Heather Mac Donald, an author and Fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute, defended Donald Trump against criticism he received following the release of a tape last week in which he made sexist and offensive remarks about women, saying that if women don’t want to be sexualized, they should dress differently.


Mac Donald, during an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, pointed to an interaction in the video where Trump, along with TV host Billy Bush, ogle a soap opera actress, Arianne Zucker, who they see from inside their bus, stating that she invited their lewd comments with her attire.

“If you watched that tape, you see Trump and Billy Bush commenting appreciatively about this actress, Ms. Zucker’s legs, who’s coming to meet them. Well, you know, why might that be? Could it be that she’s got a very, very short dress, bare legs, high heels, swishes her hips when she walks? If she didn’t want her legs noticed by males, she could’ve dressed like Trump and Billy Bush. The bare flesh to clothing ratio between Ms. Zucker and Trump and Billy Bush is about 100 to 1.”

She also alleges that women who may object to being sexualized continue to by clothes and other products that sexualize them.

“I have long been annoyed, to say the least, by the entire feminist complaint about females being treated like sex objects when I see a massive industry fed by female spending to try to present women as sex objects. Last time I checked, stiletto heels were not getting shorter. They were getting longer. I don’t know how much longer they can get. There was a vigorous market in breast implants, lip implants, butt implants, short, very short skirts.”

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