CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — The Camden County Police Department is partnering with a private social network for neighborhoods in hopes of improving relationships between the community and police.

The Camden County Police Department has teamed up with Nextdoor, which provides each neighborhood with a website accessible only to residents.

“It’s another tool in developing a strong relationship between the community and the police department, and also another tool to help us fight crime,” said Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli. “These messages can inform people about what’s happening in their neighborhood, can educate them about programs and resources offered by the police department and other community partners in the county itself, it can also activate them to take action and change behaviors that will make their neighborhood safer and stronger.”

Nextdoor is not new to Camden County: for the past couple of years people like Sheila Green have used it to find a handyman, and to help with crime and safety issues.

“I’m really happy that the police department has done this. I’m really proud of our police here that come through Parkside. They are a gem to us,” Green said. “Our motto with them and them with us is ‘you respect us, we respect you. You help us we help you.’ And that’s the way we work here. I cannot speak for the rest of the city, I can only speak for Parkside.”

Nextdoor is free for residents and police departments. All members must verify that they live within the neighborhood before joining the social network.