3pm – Donald Trump Berates Paul Ryan and ‘Disloyal’ Republicans

3:10pm – Here’s where fed-up Millennials are thinking about putting their votes

3:20pm – WikiLeaks posts more John Podesta emails

3:35pm – Donald Trump: ‘Shackles have been taken off me’

3:50pm – Al Gore campaigns with Hillary Clinton in Florida

4pm – Little Trump Look-Alike Comes on Stage with Donald

4:20pm – Hillary Clinton’s Actions Are Worse Than Donald Trump’s Words

4:35pm – Kim Kardashian-Inspired Robbery Victim Halloween Costume Sparks Outrage

5:00pm – Blowing Bureaucratic Smoke

5:10pm – Amazon pulls “sexy burqa” Halloween costume after Islamic outrage

5:20pm – Trump Diehards Love the Wheely Wheely Good Food Truck

5:25pm – Joy Behar Sorry For Calling Bill Clinton Accusers ‘Tramps’ On ‘The View’

5:30pm – Chris Christie Slams Trump’s Remarks About Women as ‘Indefensible’

5:50pm – Officer who saved choking baby: ‘This will change me for the rest of my life’