By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — They bust bad guys by day and ghosts by night. A team of Philadelphia police officers is leading paranormal investigations in the area.

Using a device that detects electro-magnetic fields, Olde City Paranormal co-founder John Levy, who is also a 18-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, got several hits inside the powder magazine at Fort Mifflin. It appeared it or something was responding to his questions.

“You know we are more realistic in our investigations,” Levy said. “We are more thorough in our investigations and we aren’t afraid to tell you if a place wasn’t haunted.”

Officer Levy’s wife and another police officer on the mayor’s security detail are also paranormal investigators in the group.

Officer Levy says he gets teased from his brothers and sisters in blue from time to time.

“I’ll be walking in the hallway and all you get is ‘booooo!’ They’ll be mocking you and it’s funny,” he said. “Then I say ‘why don’t you come out with us?’ And all you get is no.”

Glenn Orwan is a contractor by trade and the tech guru on the team. He says it was at Fort Mifflin where he went from skeptic to believer when he heard a disembodied voice.

“I hear right behind us, ‘turn around,’ and there was nobody here,” Orwan recounted.

(Photo provided by Beth Beatty)

(Photo provided by Beth Beatty)

Countless numbers of visitors say they have had paranormal encounters at Fort Mifflin. The photo (seen above) was snapped by a fourth-grader who thought he saw a real person…but it could be a ghost.

“Two professional photographers could find no evidence of Photoshopping,” said Beth Beatty with Fort Mifflin. “So we believe it to be authentic.”

Decide for yourself if the place is haunted or not. There are paranormal events planned there throughout the Halloween season. Proceeds benefit the national historic landmark.


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