By Tim Jimenez

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) — Another one bites the dust in Atlantic City.

This morning the Trump Taj Mahal closed its doors, making it the fifth casino in town to do so since 2014.

The Trump Taj Mahal officially shut down at 5:59 this morning. The doors now locked at the entrances on the boardwalk.

Before the casino closed, a few people played the slots for one last time. And outside, Local 54 union members, casino employees, were rallying. Picketing as they have been since going on strike in July.

Many of the workers have been here since the casino opened back in 1990. That includes cook Charles Baker.

“Sad and a shame it has to come to this. It’s a good property. It was the crown jewel of the boardwalk, and they didn’t upkeep it. They didn’t maintain it, change in management, switching over owners.”

Taj owner Carl Icahn blames the union for financial troubles, while the union says they were looking for a deal just like the ones in place at the other Atlantic City casinos.