By Mike DeNardo

by Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia School District wants to hear what the public thinks before it revamps some of its weaker schools.

The district has identified 11 low-performing schools in for some sort of fix next fall.

They are: Blankenburg, McDaniel, Heston, Hartranft, and Marshall Elementary Schools; Harding Middle School; and Bartram, Ben Franklin, Fels, Kensington Health Sciences, and Overbrook High Schools.

None of those schools will be closed, nor will they be converted to Renaissance charters this year.

The district next week will begin a month of community meetings and school quality reviews, before a strategy is chosen for each school.

Those options include: merging the school with a high-quality program, or contracting with a provider.

More information on the district’s strategies can be found at the school district’s website: