PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Republican United States Congressman Pat Meehan denounces Donald Trump following lewd comments Trump made in 2005 video.

“For the good of the country, the Republican Party, and his family, I hope he’ll step aside and end his candidacy for President so that we can come together as a party and defeat Hillary Clinton.”

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Congressman Meehan said it doesn’t matter if the conversation was held in public or private.

“This sort of vile talk is appalling, it’s offensive, and there’s no place in public or private for it. It’s simply wrong.”

Meehan has represented Pennsylvania’s seventh district in the House of Representatives since 2011.

Looking ahead to November, Meehan said Donald Trump is not the best candidate right now to defeat Hillary Clinton.

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“Millions of Americans oppose Hillary Clinton’s liberal, progressive agenda, but it’s clear that Donald Trump is not the right leader for the fight against it.”