By Mike Dougherty

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (CBS) –– Some Delaware Valley natives who are now residents of Florida are riding out the storm.

Michael Chitwood is a former Philly cop and the son of Upper Darby’s top cop. He’s the chief of police in Daytona Beach and says this is like nothing he has seen in his more than 10 years in Florida.

“Coming from Philly, it’s not like a snow storm where you go out, get food and you hunker down in your home and watch the snowflakes. This is completely different. A lot of people lose their lives because they don’t follow or heed the advise.”

He says about 75 percent of the residents in his city have evacuated. The rest are on their own as 9-1-1 calls have been suspended.

It’s a different story for Chester County native Mark Bennett who lives on Palm Beach Island.

“Branches, broken might have come down. That’s about it. We never lost power here at our house.”