By Kim Glovas

by Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A male model at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts has been permanently banned from campus after a violent verbal assault on a black woman.

PAFA president David Brigham explains why Bryan Sawyer will no longer be welcome on the Broad Street campus.

“A man who works around Philadelphia as an artists’ model began making racist comments to a guest here at the Academy and to members of our security team, and he was asked to leave our campus and not to return,” said Brigham.

The racist harangue took place Thursday afternoon on Lenfest Plaza, near the airplane sculpture.

Sawyer taped the entire episode and posted it on Facebook, but it has since been removed. Brigham says the language was repugnant.

“Just about anyone watching it would be offended and find it deeply disturbing,” he said.

He says all of the other art colleges in town have been notified about Sawyer’s behavior.