By David Madden

TRENTON, NJ (CBS) — New Jersey legislators are deciding on a package of bills that trades a series of tax cuts in return for a 23 cent increase in the state gas tax.

The package has passed the senate and the assembly.

It’s the first adjustment in the second lowest in the nation gas tax since 1988.

Supporters claimed the need to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund is being balanced with readjustments in several levies that will help a lot of people.

Red Bank Republican State Senator Jennifer Beck claimed this compromise hurts far more than it helps.

“There are one million, 70 thousand people that would, indeed, receive tax relief. There are 7 million people that will be taxed. So there are 6 million who receive no relief at all.”

The legislation calls for the increase to be implemented no earlier than the first of November.

The bill now goes to Governor Christie.