By Justin Udo

CENTER CITY (CBS) — For decades robots have dominated television and movie screens.

Now an exhibit shows people how robots work, and what they can actually do has come to the Franklin Institute.

Larry Dubinski with the Franklin Institute said it brings different aspects together.

“I think what this exhibit does, is it does what the institute does so well and that is it brings fun and education together.”

Dubinski said there are tons of things for people to see and do when they check out the new Robot Revolution installation.

“You can help build a robot here, that will perform, you can help maneuver robots in different ways . You can also play some basic games with robots,” he said.  “You can see them play card games. You can actually work with the mechanical arms.

The Franklin Institute is hosting a big kick off on the Parkway on Saturday to celebrate the opening of the exhibit, which runs until April.