By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s abandoned trolley tracks are nuisance to area bicyclists as the city slowly gets rid of them.

Randy LoBasso with the Bicycle Coaliton of Greater Philadelphia said for two years now, the city has slowly been removing or repaving over unused trolley tracks.

“This came to a head when one of our staff members, Katie Monroe, slipped on trolley tracks at 11th and Reed Streets in December 2013 and she broke her jaw in three places.”

He said the tracks were used for the 23 trolley, which was suspended in 1992.

“That trolley extended all the way from South Philadelphia to Chestnut Hill, so it really covered a large portion of the city.”

But since they have to wait until trolley track streets are due for repaving, it might be a while until the streets are completly clear of unused tracks.

“Probably not soon,” LoBasso said. “Not within the next year or so.”

There is, however, a bright side:

“For some of the most biked intersections, we have gotten rid of a lot of the trolley tracks that were problems.”

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