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darronenzi_4418Physicians have a new tool in the battle against breast cancer, tomosynthesis, also known as 3D mammograms. Diana Arronenzi, Breast Care Coordinator for St. Mary Medical Center says the new technology helps alleviate a lot of worry for women, because the 3D picture gives doctors a more precise picture of the breast. This also reduces those occasional times that recquire physicians to call women back for more imaging and give the patient time to worry.

3D mammograms take pictures of the breast from various angles and produce clearer images, so they are especially beneficial for women with dense breast tissue. She says the new technology allows doctors to see cancers when they are smaller and easier to treat, so the technology is an advantage for all women. She adds that St. Mary Medical Center is one of a number of facilities that now only offer 3D mammograms.

Mammography has long been the gold standard for discovering breast cancer, but guidelines for getting the test now differ and can be confusing. Arronenzi says her facility follows the American College of radiology guidelines and suggests women get screenings beginning at age 40 and every year after that.

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