Chris reviewed Michelle Obama campaigning for Hillary Clinton at La Salle, Congress overriding a Presidential veto on a bill that would allow 9/11 victims families to sue Saudi Arabia and the conservatism of Carson Wentz.

6:00 Michelle Obama campaigned for Hillary Clinton yesterday at La Salle.

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6:07 President Obama called Congress overriding his veto of a bill allowing 9/11 families the ability to sue Saudi Arabia a mistake.

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6:51 An internal clock leads some people to die sooner than others.

7:00 ESPN’s Brian Baldinger compared Eagles QB to Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers.

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7:07 Christopher Caldwell: Why do people care about Tim Tebow?

7:19 Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson had trouble naming a foreign leader he respects.

7:37 Rolling Stone: How SNL can get its post-Trump credibility back.

8:24 University of Pennsylvania alumni have presented a petition demanding the school denounce Donald Trump.

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