PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police have announced an arrest in connection to a person struck by a vehicle on Thursday afternoon.

Police characterized the accident as a hit and run. Officials say that around 11:21 a.m., at 2nd and Allegheny, a driver went through the intersection and hit a pedestrian before fleeing the scene.

Authorities say another driver witnessed the incident and followed the driver. Police say Kenneth Bauer, the driver who struck the pedestrian, hit the rear bumper of the pursuing vehicle after it cut him off on the 300 block of Allegheny Avenue.

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The driver who was hit got out of his vehicle and began to bang on Bauer’s window.

Police say Bauer then reversed across the road and hit another vehicle. Authorities say he then went through the fence of a construction site and stopped.

Bauer was taken into custody and the pedestrian was taken to Temple Hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries. Police identified the pedestrian as Domingo Agosto-Mendez.