Chris discussed Donald Trump’s embrace of ‘stop and frisk,’ the warming underway between Trump and former GOP rival Ted Cruz and the latest allegations against Anthony Weiner. He spoke with Donald Trump’s Campaign Co-Chair Sam Clovis and William Shatner about his upcoming show at the Keswick Theater.

6:00 Donald Trump wants to implement ‘stop and frisk‘ nationwide.

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6:27 Ted Cruz may soon endorse Donald Trump.

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6:50 Donald Trump says Republican opposition to him is fading.

7:00 Anthony Weiner is now accused of sexting with a teenage girl.

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7:20 Chris talks with Donald Trump’s Campaign Co-Chair Sam Clovis about Trump’s advocacy for stop and frisk and to preview the presidential debates.

8:00 Chris talks with William Shatner about his new book and upcoming show at the Keswick Theater.

8:25 Ross Douthat: Hillary Clinton’s Samantha Bee Problem.

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8:48 Boxing promoter Don King used a racial slur while introducing Donald Trump.