PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter thinks Donald Trump is heading into next week’s presidential debate with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the high point of his campaign.

During an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Chris Stigall, Coulter had trouble hiding her infatuation for the GOP nominee.

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“Trump is the candidate I’ve been waiting to run for President my entire life, mostly on immigration, which, even if he were bad on other issues, as long as he’s good on immigration, that is the most important issue. In fact, it’s like a miracle, he’s fantastic on every issue. The only problem people have with him is his personality, but when the American settlers sent the scouts off across the ridge to tell us if there are Sioux on the other side and they come roaring back and tell us there’s 6000 Indians waiting for you, nobody criticized their horsemanship. They didn’t check the grammar. That’s where America is right now.”

She claims the intense media scrutiny Trump has faced so far has lowered the expectations facing him in Monday’s debate.

“The media has thrown everything they have at Trump for the past, well, more than a year now: Hilter, KKK, race, he’s racist, everything they can find about him. Every lie they can tell about him has been told. I don’t think they have anything left in their arsenal. Now, I’ve been thinking about this, you know that the debates are going to be non-stop gotcha questions, the nuclear triad that nobody cares about and has nothing to do with anything, maybe a talking snow man, and they’ll all say he lost and denounce him after the debate. It doesn’t matter. Even if he blows some huge gotcha question, the only hurdle Trump has to cross now is to not be Hitler.”

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Coulter also insisted Trump has an advantage over Clinton in terms of likability.

“He’s more than human. I think the nicer person tends to win presidential elections. That has certainly been true, even where you might say it’s a little bit close. It’s obvious, Obama versus McCain, but even Gore/Bush. Bush was a very charming person. I, kind of, hate the Bush family today but, leaving that aside, he has a charming personality. Gore did not. Trump is a charming person.”

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