By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — NCIS fans can look forward to the return of Michael Weatherly to CBS Tuesday, September 20. Weatherly, who played Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo on NCIS, returns as Dr. Jason Bull on the new drama “Bull” that’s inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil as a trial consultant.

“Dr. Jason Bull is a guy who runs this company called TAC, which is about trial analysis and in this company what he does is he builds mock juries that sit in this mock courtroom and he also has mirror juries, which are mirrors of the actual jury that gets selected for trial. He preps witnesses, preps defendants,” Weatherly told Eyewitness News during a recent trip to the New York City set for a behind-the-scenes look at filming.

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Dr. Bull works alongside cyber-intelligence and neuro-linguistic experts, a defense lawyer, a former NYPD detective and an expert in physical appearance, Chunk Palmer, as the group tries to put together a winning strategy for their clients and their clients’ legal team.

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“Chunk’s main role is to come in and help shape how a jury would see a plaintiff, defendant,” said actor Chris Jackson. “There’s a whole world of what you send out as a signal and I learned about this on the pilot and what Dr. Jason Bull does, is something I never thought about,” Weatherly said.

Eyewitness News asked Weatherly if DiNozzo fans can expect any similarities in the two characters, “DiNozzo was sort of insecure and was funny because of his outlandish, outsized personality that was kind of compensating for a level of insecurity he had about wanting to be liked and wanting to puff up his chest and peacock around,” Weatherly said, adding “Bull doesn’t do any of that because Bull isn’t insecure about very much.”

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Bull airs every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. on CBS 3.