By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police called it a miracle. Officer Sylvia Young, shot 18 times on Friday night as she was ambushed in her squad car, was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

Dozens of members of the department turned out on Tuesday to greet Young, including one who knows all too well what she is going through.

Young is 19-year-veteran of the force. Even though it is unclear how long her recovery will take, she will certainly have plenty of support along the way.

With tears in her eyes, Young rose to her feet in a sea of salutes by her uniformed colleagues. “It’s what she deserves,” said Commissioner Richard Ross. “She went through a horrific experience and she survived.”

Young departed from Penn Presbyterian Medical Center just four days after being ambushed by suspected gunman Nicholas Glenn who police say began the rampage, firing 18 shots at Young’s police cruiser.

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Commissioner Ross said many of the shots hit Young’s protective vest and her weapon. Still, she was struck too and he says physical and psychological recovery will take time.

“I just had my ninth surgery done,” said Officer Jesse Hartnett. “I truly want to go back to the job. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Hartnett understands Young’s experience because in January, he lived it. He was ambushed, shot numerous times in his vehicle. Like Young, he survived.

“To turn a TV on to just see something like this going on again, it’s just really traumatic,” Hartnett said. He received continued care for his injury on Tuesday and happened on Young’s release by pure coincidence, but knows how it feels.

“It’s welcoming, with wide open arms. It’s a very good feeling,” he said.

Alexandria Hoff