PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The world-renowned German beer festival – Oktoberfest – officially began in the Bavarian city of Munich on Saturday. Celebrations were also held around the world, including right here in Philadelphia.

The ceremonial keg was tapped and Oktoberfest Philly was officially underway outside Brauhaus Schmitz, along the 700 block of South Street. Doug Hager is owner of the restaurant and bar and is the organizer of the event.

“Philadelphia has such rich German history and culture,” Hager said. “Some of the earliest German settlers were in Philadelphia, Oktoberfest belongs in Philadelphia.”

Photo credit: KYW's John McDevitt

Photo credit: KYW’s John McDevitt

Thousand were enjoying traditional music, food, and beer, including Scott Nunnamaker from Doylestown, he said the event never fails.

“It’s always a great time, beer is always good. When he taps the keg, I mean I don’t know what it is, it’s great,” Nunnamaker said.

And what’s beer without pretzels, Rebecca Miller of Center City had a bunch of them threaded on a string that she wore as a necklace.

“Beer and pretzels perfect together.”