PHILADELPHIA  (CBS) – Cable news commentator Scottie Nell Hughes explained why she supports Donald Trump for President and reacted to Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters a ‘basket full of deplorables’ during a fundraiser.

Hughes, talking with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said she was drawn to Trump because she feels his motives are pure.

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“With his message, if you want to look at it and you want to sit there and skewer it, guess what? You can. But if you look at it, you realize where his heart and intentions is with a lot of the things that he has said and done, you will realize that there is actually something positive and he truly is doing this, not for any other reason except, he really believes he is the only person that can help bring this country back economically and protect the families that live here.”

She thinks the worst thing about Hillary Clinton’s attack on Trump’s supporters was how it was received.

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“Did you hear how the audience reacted to it? It was overwhelming laughter. It was cheers and laughter. I’m going, ‘wow, if we’re really that bad, if we are really all of those horrible things you described us as, don’t laugh. That’s horrible.’ The one thing we’ve learned about the Democrats, they want to have this conversation about race. They feel like as long as they can prove hate and race and divide us in the country, they feel like that helps their narrative.”

Hughes also credited Trump with re-organizing the GOP and bringing them together.

“There is something that has gone wrong with our Republican party over the last few years where we have become just as high of spenders, if not more, than the Democrats, where we have become much more compromised. In the last two election cycles, in the last two terms, what have the Republican House and Senate accomplished more than what the Democrats did? In fact, I think, actually, we’ve given in more than the Democrats. There had to be some sort of wake up call to the Republican party. I think a lot of those that have purged and come over from the Democrats now are being exposed and the good news is is it looks like the unity, there is more unity this month than I’ve seen in the last year on the campaign trail as people are realizing how dangerous the policies of Hillary Clinton would be for this country.”


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