By Tim Jimenez

FALLS TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Police are now investigating an early morning double stabbing that left one person dead in Bucks County.

Falls Township Police say there was a 9-1-1 call and they rushed to a home on Foster Drive which is close to Old Bristol Pike in Morrisville.

At around 4:30 in the morning police say they found two people who were stabbed. Lieutenant Henry Ward says, inside the house, they found a man dead. And outside, a woman who was wounded.

“It appears they both did know each other. We’re not comfortable yet saying they were a couple. We’re not positive. But they did know each other and it appears the male did live at this location.”

What exactly happened, that’s unclear at this point. But Ward says police are not looking for anyone and there was no one else in the home at the time of the stabbing.