By Kristen Johanson

CHERRY HILL, NJ (CBS) –Do you remember what you were doing on 9-11? It’s a story recounted by many who lived through it.

“I was in school, I was in 8th grade,” one person recalled.

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Another person’s day was just starting.

“I was driving into work.”

Despite the many places people were that day, everyone believed it would be a day they would never forget.

“We were in the dealership that day when everything broke,” one person said. “I’ll never forget who was there that day.”

People were going about their lives when they heard the news that a plane hit one of the World Trade Towers.

Eugene was selling cars in Cherry Hill that day.

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“It was pretty sad. We didn’t have any customers that day, but the dealership ended up staying open until about 3 in the afternoon and then everyone went home.”

Alyssa was sitting in school in Puerto Rico.

“We had a small TV and we were watching movies, and the teacher put the news on,” she said. “It was really sad watching what happened.”

And Melissa was going to work.

“When i got into work, and i actually worked for radio shack, and so everything was up on the TVs and we just ended up watching it. And we were just crying and sad.”

And she said she remembers the country coming together in unity.

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“I would just like to see everyone come back together again, after that tragedy and let it continue on a day to day basis.”