PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Health officials have announced the first case of sexually transmitted Zika Virus for the state of Pennsylvania. The announcement was made on Thursday afternoon.

The Department of Health announced that Pennsylvania reported the state’s first case of the virus by sexual transmission.

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Health officials say a Pennsylvania woman contracted the virus from a mosquito while she was traveling outside of the state in an area where Zika transmission is taking place. They say the woman returned to the state and passed on the virus to her partner.

“In light of this, we remind residents to practice safe sex, especially if they have traveled to an area with Zika-infected mosquitoes,” said Secretary Karen Murphy. She added that condoms, or other barrier protection, should be used during sex for eight weeks after returning from an area where Zika transmission is occurring.

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Officials say no cases in Pennsylvania have occurred because of local mosquito transmission.

The department has more information on Zika virus on their website.