3pm – Trump Foreign Policy Speech: Clinton Trigger Happy, Unstable and Reckless; She Brings “Failure and Death”

3:20pm – Rich spoke with Edward  Turzanski, the John Templeton Fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, regarding Donald Trump’s speech to the Union League in Philadelphia.

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3:35pm – Rich’s Dad Adventures

3:50pm – Impeach Hillary Clinton: Congress Has the Power to Do It

4pm – Trump Turns the Tables on Hillary During Union League Speech

4:30pm – Rich spoke with morning show host Chris Stigall regarding Donald Trump’s speech to the Union League.

5pm – Congress Halts Zika Funds Over Planned Parenthood as Cases Spread

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5:10pm – State Dept. releases first batch of deleted Hillary Clinton emails on Benghazi

5:20pm – Unprepared Hillary Surrogate Whiffs on Question About Hammering Blackberries

5:25pm – Amy Schumer Swears Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Clinton is Simply ‘Uninformed’

5:35pm – At U Mass, Harambe Jokes Now Considered Racist Attacks and ‘Sexual Assault Incidences’


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