HARRISBURG (CBS) — Former Montgomery County DA and Commissioner Bruce Castor will be out of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office at the end of the week.

Bruce Castor, as first deputy, became acting attorney general upon the resignation of Kathleen Kane. But the Senate last week quickly confirmed her former first deputy, Bruce Beemer, as attorney general.

Castor remained first deputy, but now Beemer has announced the appointment of Robert Mulle, most recently head of the civil law division, as the new first deputy.

Jeffrey Johnson is a spokesman for the Office of Attorney General and said it’s part of the process to smooth the transition.

“Attorney General Beemer, that’s one of the forefront thoughts on his mind, is just to bring a sense of stability here and to position the office well for the incoming administration.”

Johnson said this move is part of that effort, but would not comment on Castor’s departure, expected at the end of the week, except to say that Beemer appreciates Castor’s experience and willingness to serve the office.