HOUSTON (CBS) — A father from Delaware County sent an epic back-to-school prank to his daughter who is more than 1500 miles away at college.

Imagine the excitement when Hanna Blewett, a freshman at the University of Houston, received a large box all the way from her Drexel Hill home. It’s customary for parents to send care packages to their kids away at school — typically packed with foods or special treats around the holidays…

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Hanna received a single potato chip.

Confused, Hanna, a graduate of Cardinal O’Hara High School and a swimmer at UH, texted her dad, Bob, for an explanation.

His reply: “It’s a Trader Joe’s chip. They’re really good.”

Hanna posted her dad’s joke on Twitter which has been retweeted more than 19,000 times since Wednesday, including a share from @ClassicDadMoves.

“[My kids] usually don’t think I’m funny,” noted Bob, who also shared a text he sent Hanna earlier this week.

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A text message Bob sent Hanna last week

“Hanna gets me though. She usually laughs. If she doesn’t, I stare at her till she breaks.”

“He has very dry humor and is constantly joking around,” explained Hanna’s sister, Aubrey, who is a senior at West Chester University. “My mom said she wasn’t even surprised when he ran into the kitchen and came back with one single chip in a sandwich baggie. My brother said ‘why would you send her one chip?’ And he responded ‘why not?'”

Since Aubrey commutes to WCU she’s never received a chip herself but says she’s seen her share of prank gifts including jars of pickles and peanut butter for Christmas.

“Last year [Hanna] asked for a red truck for her birthday and he gave her a little matchbox truck.”

It seems the Blewett family is accustomed to their patriarch’s shenangians but had no idea Bob’s joke would go viral and neither did he.

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“I’m wondering if in a few weeks I can get on a washed up celebrity reality show.”