By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — That iconic flying saucer looking building that houses the Fairmount Park Welcome Center in Love Park will soon be closed for renovations. Visitors are getting great deals on souvenirs.

The $16.5-million redevelopment project of Love Park has been underway for several months. The visitor center remains open, but just through Monday.

“The exterior of the building will be preserved and saved so we will still have the space ship into the future,” said Jim Cuorato, President and CEO of the Independence Visitor Center, which provides staffing to the Fairmount Park Welcome Center, “but the entire interior of the building will be entirely renovated and in truth it really does need it.”

A restaurant and public restrooms will be included in the redesign.

Also, merchandise like shirts, mugs and shot glasses currently sold at the center are 50% off.

“It’s a going out of business sale,” Cuorato said, “but we are really not going out of business, we are just taking a break.”

The overall Love Park project is expected to be completed in about a year.